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TIC - #145 I Know, Right?

June 6th, 2016

Line Up for Podcast #145
Thank God It’s Monday Day
Gardening Exercise Day

Question of the Podcast
Listener Responses
Entertainment News with Mindy
12 Words and Phrases that make you sound dumb
A statistical look at who we are
Things about bathrooms actually worth getting upset about
The Tongue Twister Game
Obituaries for teen girls who continually say they’ve died
Reasons thinking like a child will make you happier
Quote of the Podcast

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TIC - #144 The Best Of 2015 Show

June 3rd, 2016

Get in and get some of The Best of 2015 Podcast #144. On this podcast we put together some of the best moments from 2015 and fit them into a little over 30 minutes. Of course there are a lot of moments we enjoyed from 2015, but these just rose to the top. Enjoy!

TIC - #143 The Best Of 2016 Show

June 1st, 2016

Get in and get some of The Best Of 2016 Podcast #143! On this podcast we will be featuring some of the funniest segments so far in 2016, some of them are more recent and some are from earlier in the year. Also on this podcast we will feature part of our interview with Andrea and Zach from the You Again Web series, a junk of the interview with them was edited out, and we will be featuring that on this podcast.